Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SNATW: Facts & Figures Latin America

Latin America counts only 19 social networks of its own, despite the fact that this region could potentially profit from an enormous market of millions of Spanish speakers (with the exception of Brazil where Portuguese is the offical language). Of these 19 SN, Friend communities list on top (10) whereas there are only two business networks. (*)

An interesting fact is that social networking doesn't seem to be as popular (yet) in Middle or South America, despite the many latinos living and working in the US, which you'd expect to work as a catalyst. Also, there are quite a few social networks out there which are targetting Latinos; but most of them are run by white Americans from the States.

Latin American countries that are commented on in the book include: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua and Venzuela.

(*) For a global view on different types of networks and/or to compare where Latin America ranks compared to the rest of the world, check here.

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