Thursday, March 27, 2008

Elevator Pitch for Web 2.0 companies at ThinkTomorrow

With 9 international speakers, our speakers list at ThinkTomorrow is full. However, in order to give young (and less young ;-)) talent an opportunity to present itself to the public, we have created the Elevator Pitch.

For whom?
Companies which offer added value to HR/recruitment or sales & marketing, using Web 2.0 technology. They can be startups although it is not a requirement.

Conditions to enter:
1. Explain in a short email how your product or service adds value to HR/recruitment or sales & marketing departments and what Web 2.0 elements it contains.

2. After accepting your candidacy, registration codes will be sent to you in order to buy your ticket to ThinkTomorrow at 175 euro instead of 500 euro.

3. You are able to present your company in 3 minutes using maximum 6 slides -who? what? how?- and you send in your presentation at the end of April at the latest. All presentations will be held in English.

How to register?
Send your candidacy to An De Jonghe (adj AT before the end of April 2008. Available places for the Elevator Pitch are limited. Candidates who meet the requirements, will be admitted on the basis of ‘first come, first served'.
We hope to meet you there!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Marco Ripanti- Speaker at ThinkTomorrow

We're happy to announce that Marco Ripanti will be joining us at Thinktomorrow as a speaker.

Marco is one of Germany's most creative speakers in the field of Web 2.0. In 2006, he founded the company ekaabo (of which he is the CEO) to create a metacommunity called Communipedia (*).

(*) Members will be able to take along their networks from one to another community.
They use the same login data for every connected community. Privacy will be an issue decided
by members exclusively. Any community is welcome to connect with communipedia.

Before this he worked at the Italian consulate, became a radio entertainer and taught online marketing & new media before practising his own business ideas in 1998.

Since 2002 he and his team design, develop and maintain online communities for special interest groups.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Emeric Ernoult- Speaker at ThinkTomorrow

Today, Emeric from Affinitiz (France) confirmed his presence at, the event for European managers interested in what social networking can do for their company.

BIO: Emeric is the co-founder of, one of the first French social networks as it was launched in March 2001. Affinitiz has evolved toward a provider of grey label and white label social networks for brands and media with the purpose of allowing anyone, or any business, to build its own social platform on the web.
The goal of affinitiz is to provide brands and businesses to leverage on the power of the web 2.0.

TOPIC: Emeric will talk about how social networks and web 2.0 services can bring significant (and cost efficient) value for brands and businesses who want to increase their visibility on the web. The presentation will be illustrated with actual succesful business cases such as the social platform built by affinitiz for the French Lawyers ( ).

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spotted by Locals

A nice new initiative from two Dutch entrepreneurs who have just started, is Spotted by Locals. The idea behind this is that local people always know the best restaurants, places to hang out, museums etc in their city; much better than any city guide can offer.

Amsterdam is on the rails already, but Bart and Sanne are still looking for other local spotters in the main European cities. If you're interested in participating (they give you a piece of the advertising pie as well as eternal fame), you can contact them at Spotters [at]

Here is the profile they're looking for:

As a Spotter you do not have to be a professional journalist. English will probably not be your mother tongue. Most important is that you:

-Live in a large city in Europe

-Consider yourself a local (you don’t have to be a native)

-Love your city, and you would like to share your enthusiasm by writing

-Have a bit of spare time (a couple of hours per month).

Bart & Sanne, best of luck! I hope I can find a decent restaurant next time I'm travelling in Europe ;-)