Thursday, January 11, 2007

The power of asking for help

Yesterday I posted my question on the recently launched questions & answers platform on Linkedin. I asked experts on social networks and/or early adopters to come forward if they wanted to be included in the book and act as their country's "spokesperson". I was amazed by the overwhelming respons I got in only a few hours time. I am currently processing all the answers and contacting the people who have offered their input or who have recommended an expert in the field. If there are other networks out there who offer the same type of service, I would like to know about it. In any case, the Linkedin platform worked for me.

Meanwhile my first impression is that it's going to be hardest to get some local information on the Asian market. If any of you know a local expert on the matter, please be sure to let me know at adj AT ulysses-consulting DOT com.

And if you haven't taken the survey yet, go here and make sure your country is properly represented!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

These networks have pledged their support so far...

Just to give you an idea of the social networks we will be covering, I started this list of people who either sent me their "homework" already, or who have confirmed their interest to participate in the project.
I will update this list as the answers come in.


I have started by contacting those communities which email address were easiest to find,
so if you 're the founder of a social network and I haven't contacted yet, probably you're still on my 'tot do' list. However, if you want to make sure you're included, send me an email at adj (at) ulysses-consulting (dot) com.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Support your favorite community

Just got the go ahead from Patrick (thanks Patrick!) , our local WebWonder at Titans. The survey has arrived and I'm anxious to get the results in. The book is coming along nicely and several social networks have sent in their "homework" already. But the most important part is of course your input, the community of global users who are using these networks and make them what they are today.

So please take a minute to take the survey and let us know what you think. Which networks do you prefer? Which communities are most active in your country? (no it can't only be MySpace even if I'm on it myself). What do you like about them?

I'll keep you updated on the results as they come in.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

How this came about

As a social networking junkie -I'm a headhunter for the ICT industry so it's a "professional" disease- I became suspicious when 9 out of 10 new network invitations turned out to be American. I decided that couldn't be right and started my research on social networks in Europe. Or rather the European Union (EU) to be precise. After one week it finally dawned on me this limitation was a bit ludicrous since most networks have an international audience, so I decided to enlarge my scope. Today, one month later, I'm writing a book on the different social networks used around the world, be it social, professional or niche networks. All with Web 2.0 features (after all, I still work in IT ;-))
Or how one small research project can quickly get out of hand...

If you'd like to know more, check back in a couple of days for the international survey I will be posting. Or better still, subscribe to the feed.
Looking forward to receiving your imput, Americans and non-Americans ;-)