Thursday, January 11, 2007

The power of asking for help

Yesterday I posted my question on the recently launched questions & answers platform on Linkedin. I asked experts on social networks and/or early adopters to come forward if they wanted to be included in the book and act as their country's "spokesperson". I was amazed by the overwhelming respons I got in only a few hours time. I am currently processing all the answers and contacting the people who have offered their input or who have recommended an expert in the field. If there are other networks out there who offer the same type of service, I would like to know about it. In any case, the Linkedin platform worked for me.

Meanwhile my first impression is that it's going to be hardest to get some local information on the Asian market. If any of you know a local expert on the matter, please be sure to let me know at adj AT ulysses-consulting DOT com.

And if you haven't taken the survey yet, go here and make sure your country is properly represented!


Diana Derval, wait marketing guru said...

Dear An,
The topic of your book is very interesting and I will be happy to contribute about social networking in France and also women social networking.
Veel success,
Diana Derval

Lien said...

Hi An

First of all: good luck with your project! Secondly: I'm afraid you've forgotten about our community, It was only launched in August 2006, but we already have more than 10 million members worldwide, and we're still growing. Maybe it'd be interesting to add us in your list too?


ccuber said...

Dear An,

The topic is very timely and dear to my heart. We have added voice angle to social networking in the US and Canada. is a social network where people can find and connect with the power of conversation in a way that is safe, immediate, personal and truely mobile.

Good luck with your book.