Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Over 600 social networks and counting!

In my search on social networks I have never found a figure stating the exact number of networks which are around. Logical I hear you say: every day there is a new social network that sees the light and another that's being sold to a large corporation. The times that I have found estimated guesses they usually ranged in between 200 and 400 networks. As I am slowly finishing up my book on social networks, I can now say for sure that there are over 600 social networks out there as we speak (yes , over 600!).
It took me a while to digest this information -and an even longer while writing about them all :-) -but there you go.

In the mean time please continue sending me information on social networks which might have escaped my attention- if there is room for 600 why not make it 601?

ps I checked: there are no social networks in Zanzibar (where I spent my holiday the last two weeks).


Bas van de Haterd said...

600 social networks or social networking websites?

Nico said...

Lees ik dat goed? "Where I spent my holiday"? o_O
Maar toch mooi even checken of er geen opportuniteiten in de buurt zijn! Ik hoop dat alles goed gaat met het boek en ben nu al superbenieuwd naar hoe het er uiteindelijk zal uitzien. Heel veel groeten!

AndreyGolub said...

Dear An,

thank you for having contacted me as an expert about Social Networking in Italy. It was a pleasure to give you my vision of the world at it's seen from the Italian capital of commerce Milan.

I hope my brief presentation of the Milan-IN Social Business Networking Club of Italy (http://www.milanin.com) as a real-life META Network on top of the other Social BUSINESS Networks on-line, will be useful for your research and your readers! I do not know if there are other similar on-top(META) and cross-Networking organizations in another countries and I'll waiting for the results of your research complete.

Let's keep in touch,
Andrey Golub, co-founder and IT Manager of Business Club Milan-IN