Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Contest for European Web 2.0 companies

During my research for my book on social networking worldwide, I have had the opportunity to get in touch with a great many of interesting people who are either founders of a social network, or connected to the subject in another way. One of these people is José, who is one of the founding partners from Alianzo, a Spanish social networking company. Alianzo has launched a European contest for Web 2.0 companies today, together with some partners. I include José's mail herunder for all of you who are interested in participating in the contest. A good initiative on the European marketplace, so they have my support!

Dear An,

We are organizing a European Web 2.0 contest, which I think can be interesting for you. Submissions are accepted for blogs, wikis, social networks or any other website which makes a high use of Web 2.0 components, such as tags, RSS or Ajax. Companies and people from any European country willing to present their projects just have to submit them to The contest will value not only the quality of the website but also its business sense. Internet users and a special committee will select 15 projects to be presented in an event in Madrid, Spain. A jury will then choose the 5 best projects in order to present them on May 24th in a special Web 2.0 event in Bilbao, Spain. They will all apply to interesting awards, such as an advertisement in Techcrunch, a trip to a one-week training program in Cambridge or public exposition of the project in a business congress.The contest is organized by three Spanish organizations: Alianzo, La Caixa bank and Spri development agency. The jury is formed by 10 Web 2.0 and investment experts from 9 European countries, such as Martín Varsavsky, Loic Le Meur, Paolo Valdemarin, Rita Silvério, Daniel Waterhouse, Philip Lenssen, Guido Van Nispen, Ola Ahlvarsson, Enrique Dans or Sandrine Szabo.

Kind regards,
José A. del Moral

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