Thursday, March 13, 2008

Emeric Ernoult- Speaker at ThinkTomorrow

Today, Emeric from Affinitiz (France) confirmed his presence at, the event for European managers interested in what social networking can do for their company.

BIO: Emeric is the co-founder of, one of the first French social networks as it was launched in March 2001. Affinitiz has evolved toward a provider of grey label and white label social networks for brands and media with the purpose of allowing anyone, or any business, to build its own social platform on the web.
The goal of affinitiz is to provide brands and businesses to leverage on the power of the web 2.0.

TOPIC: Emeric will talk about how social networks and web 2.0 services can bring significant (and cost efficient) value for brands and businesses who want to increase their visibility on the web. The presentation will be illustrated with actual succesful business cases such as the social platform built by affinitiz for the French Lawyers ( ).

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