Friday, February 15, 2008

Geert Conard- Speaker at

BIO: Geert Conard (Belgium), Country Manager Belgium of Ecademy
Geert Conard became known as the guy who absolutely hated networking. In early 2004 he started out with social business networking through websites as LinkedIn and Ecademy. Exactly one year later he was one of the TOP Networkers in Belgium. This amazing transformation not only changed the way he conducts his business, but actually changed his life 100%.

In his book “A Girlfriend in Every City”, he shares his story, but also his methods and insights for networking with people whether online or face to face at networking meetings. Social business networking has changed his life in just over a year and he now works with people he hadn’t met until he began sharing his ideas and thoughts with complete strangers.
Geert now networks internationally, is Country Manager of Ecademy Belgium and runs his own ICT Support company called IT Consult Services.
Today Geert claims to receive 95% of his new business projects and sales through his newly developed network. The other 5% is gained through word-of-mouth publicity from his existing customers. Geert never spends any more money on publicity or marketing. Only this saving can already justify the time he spends on networking.

Geert's speeches are always loaded with networking tips. Most tips are simple and easy to take into action to improve your own networking experience.

TOPIC: Proactive networking on Ecademy, LinkedIn, Facebook,... How to get started & how to maximize results? With tips for offline networking as well, which you can put into practise at the event ;-)

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