Tuesday, November 20, 2007

MyNetworkValue, an interesting add-on from Xing

One of my online networking friends, Giorgio Occhioni, was kind enough to give me the heads up on a new service Xing (one of Europe's most important social networks) is offering. I'm mentioning it here because I'm quite impressed with the way Xing has invented this free tool and turned it into a marketing instrument for its paying service at Xing.

MyNetworkValue is a website where you can measure the worth of your network according to your age and number of contacts. They even place an amount in euros on it, which is not nearly scientific, but a fun test to do. You only need to fill out some parameters and this test gives you a number which you can then compare to the average in your age group, industry and country.

The only drawback I see is that the test is only available in German so far, and if as a Dutch speaker I understood enough to take it, I can imagine French speakers or Spanish speakers will simply walk away. But as far as the idea goes, I think it is pretty smart of the Xing people to offer this generic network test to redirect users to their website.

After all, who doesn't want to know how much his/her network is worth?


hazel.pandya said...

Hello! Good to hear that you enjoyed the test. When we started to create the mynetworkvalue test we wanted to fire up a discussion and get people thinking about the "value" of their network.

The value of a network is not determined by quantity alone it doesn't matter whether you have 100 contacts or 300 - it's the quality, and heterogeneity of a network that count.

By the way the test is available in English and German. On the top right there's a drop down menu, where you can select your language.

We've also put an appendix together at the end of the test with literary sources and links to numerous studies, books and research that we used when constructing the test - if you're interested - check it out.


AndreyGolub said...

Ciao An,

nice to know you've also passed that test and feel it useful!

in my case it was a great surprise- I always knew that my Network is strong enough and useful, but that it costs so much...

here is my Blog article on Milan-IN

See you,
Andrey Golub

AndreyGolub said...

x Mr. Hazel@Xing:

it could be a good idea, guys, to develop a plugin for Facebook based on this engine, allowing Facebookers to pass this test (it's easy :lol:) and then to link the results to their profiles!

you may count on me btw, if you'll decide to spread it on Facebook. at least for the Italian crowd I'll be happy to give you a hand.

Andrey Golub

waltman said...

I took the test, it was interesting...monetizing your network is considered by the majority to be the holy grail of social networking...this was the first time I had a number put towards my network as a whole...it was interesting.

Walter Schwabe
Chief Evolution Officer