Thursday, October 4, 2007

Not the first Belgian in space, But maybe on Amazon's Top 10?

Jan Vermeiren is one of Belgium's gurus with regards to networking. His Dutch bestseller is now also available in English on Amazon, as from Tuesday 9 October.

Although most of his book is focussed on offline networking, he also tackles the online part. Some of the questions you will find an answer to are:

  • What do online networks have to offer?

  • How can Google help me in my networking efforts?

  • What are blogs and what do they have to do with networking?

  • Which follow-up actions can I do?

  • What is the difference between an introduction and a referral?

  • How do I introduce two people via e-mail?

  • When do I write an introduction and when a referral e-mail?

  • What do I do when somebody I don’t know very well asks for an introduction?

  • How do I ask for a referral or introduction?

  • When to use which communication medium?

  • How do I deal with people that react strangely when I bring the networking tips from this book in practice?

If you are interested in buying the book (and helping the author get into the top ten), it is important to buy it on Tuesday 9 October, because this will get you free bonusses from 30 organisations. Don't say I didn't warn you ;-)

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