Monday, June 25, 2007

Big fish eating the small...

So Neurona has been bought by Xing. That's the second Spanish network that Xing has bought in ony a couple of months, the first being eConozco. It's not that I have anything against Xing or that I mind them buying small European networks to reinforce their position on the market (Xing seems determined to position itself as THE European network on the market) but I do find it a shame that these small networks disappear, especially since Europe has so little of them already.
If we look at the Spanish speaking market than I am loath to admit that the only networks around are either Latino oriented (meaning American) or from Brazil (and even then the only serious contenders in the business area are TEN or Via6, which are primarily Portuguese).
So while it lasts, feel free to connect with me on Neurona or eConozco.

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AndreyGolub said...

Ciao An,

Nice to see you're also in this discussion!
I agree the recent happening is one of the most important movements we've seen in the sector during the last few years!

Now, while LinkedIn still remains localised in the New World, European Networks are actively fighting for the better place under this sole. Now it's LinkedIn's turn to show the real power and the great strategy!

My personal piece would be that, as you know, we're in Italy doing quite successfully Social Networking 2.0 (with Milan-IN), so we were very excited about what will happen with
It's also because we already had some great relations with the Italian branch of Neurona (as well as of Viadeo) and now it's now clear where is the place of in this game...

you may want to have a look at how do we see the situation from Milan, I believe one of the most important Centres of European Networking-
"German Xing buys Neurona: is it good or bad for the Italian market? Will become Viadeo- any reaction to expect?"

Always yours,
Andrey Golub, IT/Web Manager- Business Club 2.0 of Italy